What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?

Freight ForwardingFreight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding refers to Freight Management in spot markets of various modes of transportation from air to sea and from road to rail from one side and from Inbound (imports) to outbound (exports) flows on the other, including management of transit( cross-country) flows. Our role is intrinsically bound by creating value, saving in time and money and bring about peace of mind for the customers.

truck2Designing of Fast track single window export operation

We enjoy a competitive advantage in Bandar Abbas based on our customs affairs management. In fact our team is headed by past customs administration executive and customs and economic affairs faculty professor. Shib is able to expedite the administrative and physical procedure of exports through shortening, overpassing the crippling administrative hurdles and red tape so much so that to turn forecastable its timing. Adding insurance capabilities, inspection, and documentation according to exporter’s requirements( again using our experts in documentation), selection and control of terminal operator, stevedores, loading, physical operations such as loading, discharging, stowing, lashing, possibly disinfection of wooden parts of the packing are all small but quite important components of a solid and stable mass or single export flows.

Small exporter’s package

From sourcing and purchasing to placing of export license, full transportation and documentation, interim storage, packing, order fulfillment management, invoicing, fund transfer, obtaining of proof of delivery, and money collection, ERP & asset management

Export Flow Just in Time Deliveries

Certain constant export flows are considered part of a worldwide supply chain that has to reach manufacturer or distributor’s warehouse just in time. The coordination among such elements and components of supply chain poses most challenges in international logistics. Coordination between the firm’s domestic flows is itself a hard task let alone planning various moves in an international context. Shib , based on its membership in worldwide colossal logistics groups such as GEFCO, and during years before sanctions, CEVA and Robinson has managed to deliver just in time in places as far as France till Brazil. In industries and areas such as Oil and Gas drilling, Petrochemical projects, Offshore and onshore oil fields Shib has proved to deliver on time. To do this we have used time definite and express deliveries by road, and then by air and even called upon chartered cargo aircrafts, sometimes air-sea mode to achieve the proven results.

  • Time definite truck service from Europe to Iran and from Iran to Europe
  • Various container services from around the globe to Iran and vice versa via Dubai
  • Pakistan road shuttle service
  • Persian Gulf non regular maritime service

customsCustoms Formalities Procedure Management

Needless to point out that customs formalities in Iran is essentially a traditional process based on personal interaction; nevertheless the recent customs code, while trying to homogenize Iran’s regulations with recommendations of Customs Coordination Council based in Brussels and facilitate the process, paves the way towards on-line declaration and setting up of a data base of correct and clean economic operators and reciprocally register the occurrences of problematic wrong doing declarants. That’s why while maintaining old style approaches to customs, those companies who neglect new necessities of the day customs code processes shall soon give way to others. Records of each fault, every small error shall be duly kept in customs data bank. Shib boasts to offer to its clients the tradition and modernity at once through one single window.

importDesigning of fast track single window import operations

Again capitalizing on its unquestionable peculiarities and know-how of aforementioned customs manager, physical assets and its integration with sub-contractors, stevedores on one side and its unique capabilities in domestic road and rail haulage( both owned and dedicated fleet) on the other, Shib disposes a value chain from place of pick-up to final destination. Shib has voluntarily opted to put aside the old and none responsive Iranian model set-up consisting of separation of international from domestic transportation, rail from road, agency from principal, money transfer and exchange from transport process, customs brokerage from port handling. Quite opposite Shib has integrated all these separate functions under one roof, and by networking through its own subsidiaries in U.A.E., Turkey, Iraq and membership in world networks of multinational logistics companies, could place itself among few who could finally transform the international freight forwarding into an integrated logistics activity.


  • Various container services from around the globe to Iran and vice versa via Dubai
  • Europe inward trucking services(FTL,LTL), as agents
  • Time definite truck service from Europe to Iran and from Iran to Europe
  • Canada-Iran container and airfreight service
  • Asia container services(FCL,LCL), as agents
  • Pakistan road shuttle service
  • Persian Gulf non regular maritime service

domesticUndisputable domestic transportation capabilities

Partnership with domestic transportation companies and own private railroad ( rail transportation company), presence at main poles and hubs of cargo according to national GIS based transport corridors make the difference.

  • Semi heavy lift domestic operations up to 120 tons apiece
  • Veresk Railcars Co. P.J.S.( private railroad company) with own and dedicated railcar fleet

shippingConduct patterning with shipping lines and Chartering

While Shib is the 10th investor in Arya Shipping Company (ship owner), inheriting the ship agency tradition in its roots as of 1980 decade, Shib knows the language of container shipping lines, and enjoying loyalty agreements with selected shipping lines, Shib can book containers on all trade lanes to Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. We go still strong in tramp vessels and chartering and are present in main stream export and import items such as Iron Ore, bitumen, fuel oil, wheat, liquid bulk cargo, chemicals and petrochemicals and can play a vital role at ports linking various modes and types of transportation.

Arya Shipping Lines( P.J.S. ) Corp

Arya Shipping Lines incorporated in 2005, is the first Iranian privately owned shipping corporation where Shib International is the 10th legal person investor in rank. The company is operating some LPG fleet under foreign flag plying oceans on pure cross-trade lanes.

  • Arya Shipping Corporation( LPG vessel owner and operator)
  • Team Pack( specialized in light and industrial packing, removal services, Fairs and Exhibitions, Sport and Art Events logistics)
  • Ship chartering
  • Persian Gulf non regular maritime service

Fair-And-ExhibitionFairs and Exhibitions, Export and artistic events logistics

Fairs and Exhibitions based forwarding activity goes in pair with airfreight. Again Shib-Shahab Air Logistics has accumulated experience in fair forwarding of regional offices of Trade Promotion Org. in Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan, and Iran Vocational Training Org. and universities for taking part in world student’s competitions sponsored by a global guarantee bond (ATA carnet) placed with Iran customs to use for temporary import facility.

Industrial packing

Packing should be robust enough to sustain static and dynamic forces through air passage, as well as more serious and adverse effects of non-homogenous airport handling equipment at remote airports and during pick-up and delivery phase. Shib-Shahab understands this vital need, hence disposes its own skilled staff expertise to support its clientele marketing and sales efforts. Every wood item is properly dis-infected with standard material as per destination country quarantine regulations.

door-to-door1Door to door removal service for diplomatic missions, expatriates and staff of foreign firms and their families:

Both Shib and Shahab in the capacity of holding companies have the background of removal services rendered to French, Malaysian, Egyptian, Indian, Croatian, Jordanian, Iranian and Italian diplomats and their families. Moreover the Co. is networking with other removal services around the globe. Coupling packing art with that of removal capabilities and customs clearance experience allow us to deliver a unique service to our immigrant clients at four corners of the world over.

dduLast mile door delivery DDU & DDP basis

From any of the Tehran airports to free domicile regardless of the fact that your client imports the goods in his own name(DDU) or wants somebody else to declare the goods in the airport, pay the customs duties and receive goods fully acquitted from all dues and paper work(DDP)

Airbus A319Airfreight

With an unrivaled exclusive network of 110 specialized air freight agents around the globe, fidelity contracts with selected airlines; we can not only serve our clients with competitive rates but also attend all airport operations with professionalism and personalization.

  • Shib-Shahab air logistics Co. P.J.S. specialist in air cargo and air chartering

Veresk Railcars (PJS) Co.

Veresk railcars company private joint stock is incorporated in 2002, is among twenty railroads established on the aftermath of Iranian railways privatization with its own rail fleet. We have a management stocks in this private railroad and Ship president is simultaneously serving as Veresk railcars president since 2005. This company is involved in contract logistics, mainly with vegetable oil and oil industry. Only four out of some twenty railroads are considered hundred percent private sectors.





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