What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?

Shib short history and its key assets (people)

Shib was first established in Teheran by the name of International Freight Systems Management in 1988. The founder of Shib as well as its key managers of the time was all involved in running then Merzario lines Iran Branch. Many successful years of business as market leader of container services from Southern Europe made us decide to continue the team work in the heart of a newly established shipping and forwarding firm. Of course, except from the founder of Shib, all other people have been retired and their positions were occupied by middle managers. Shib is typically knowledge based house, completely process and mainly contract logistics oriented. The founder of Shib is author of logistics text books, and leading researcher on business logistics field at academia, key speaker at seminaries and congresses. He is permanent member of Iran Transportation Strategic Council, an honor rarely achieved by private sector in Iran. Shib in rich in Project Logistics of prime national key projects, Contract Logistics of mass movements, whether domestic or international and supply management skills. An official exchange house, a shipping Co., a railroad Co., an air logistics Co. and alliance with a network of domestic road operators and heavy lift operators, our own subsidiaries in neighboring countries give us a superior edge in the market to move fore and aft and serve the clients at full force. All these peculiarities form a value chain for a privileged customer base.

Iran transportation council (Government Expediency Council), FIATA, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, ICCIM (previous vice president of Economy, Banking and Insurance Commission), TCCIM, some joint chambers of commerce, Iran International Transport Association, ITCA, ex secretary general and board member, Rail Transport Association, Industry and Economics experts Association.

اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی تهراناتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایرانfiataانجمن شرکتهای حمل و نقل بین المللی ایرانسازمان بین المللی جاده نوردی

Awards, letters of appreciation and academic acknowledgements

Ports and Maritime Organization for being part of academic board of annual congress of maritime organs, Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization for manager of the year, from ICCIM and ITCA, from Iran Logistics Research Center. Co-author of International Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management” , Author of” On the shipping Organization” and “ International Logistics, legal, documentation and risk management aspects” organizing of many workshops on key industry issues

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Homayoun Assadi

President, B.Com, D.E.S.S
M.B.A., Since 1978

Mehdi Zarghampour

C.E.O, with C.F.O background
B.A., Since 1991

Tahmineh Ghodratpour

Customer Service Head
B.A., Since 2005

Boghus Matousian

Sales Manager
B.A., Since 1989

Alireza Zamani

Traffic Desk

Rahmatollah Shakeri

Trucking Dept.

Kasra Assadi

Supply Chain Desk

Mona Baghernejad

Foreign Accounts

A.M. Gharagozlou

Rail Division Head

Shahla Nazemi

Management Coordinator

The company policy is to maximize outsourcing, keep the organization lean and agile. That’s why wherever there is a good representative we avoid setting up our own branch.

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