What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?

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New opportunities open to 3PLs in Iranian market

   Iranian foreign trade almost balanced in previous Iranian calendar(2013-14), marked a 0.5% growth within mid year(February to September 2015) but the exports figure of 49744 million dollars did not match that of imports of 52477 billion dollars. Exports shrank by 14.5% compared to corresponding period of the last year. Iran trade partners, were limited to a handful of five to six origin and destinations as a result of Iranian economy boycott. All independent observers unanimously are of opinion that flourishing of trade and exports shall take place hand in hand. The ever unique principle is the freedom of trade whereby our trading partners spectrum to multiply and diversify.

   Many economic experts believe that coincidence of sanctions lifting with crude oil slump shall be deemed by Iranian private sector as a golden opportunity. First of all the lifting of sanctions shall improve the transaction cost. The first deputy president said recently that omitting of...

هزینه جاری کامیون در مسیر های مختلف به اروپا

پیش فرض ها: هزینه سوخت در مرز ایران تا 250 لیتر، لیتری 300 تومان مابقی تا 550 لیتر، به قیمت آزاد لیتری 3000 تومان. اگر راننده نتواند بیش ازحد سوخت اعلام شده داخل خاک ترکیه سوخت بیشتری با خود حمل کند، آنگاه هزینه سوخت درخاک ترکیه 1/09 یورو، ، دربلغارستان واتحادیه اروپا 1/3 یورو. البته رانندگان درطول راه سوخت قاعدتا با قیمت لیتری 1-0/9 يورو از رانندگان دیگر میخرند. هزینه سوخت درآذربایجان 0/53 و درروسیه و بلاروس 0/4 است. کارنه تیر دو جلد 680 هزار تومان بیمه سی ام آر دو سری به اروپا 200 هزارتومان بیمه کارت سبز سه ملیون و چهارصد هزارتومان بیمه بدنه یک ساله هفت ملیون تومان بیمه شخص ثالث یک ملیون و چهارصد هزارتومان لاستیک جفتی 800 یورو و میزان مصرف هرشانزده ماه دو جفت میزان مصرف سوخت بطور متوسط 42 لیتردرصد کیلومتر هزینه تعمیرات جاری بطور متوسط 8/500/000 ريال در هر سفر به استثناء ، هزينه تعويض روغن و فيلتر روغن و فيلترهاي هوا و... در هر 15000 كيلومتر به مبلغ 13/000/000-10/000/000 هزینه سرمایه ای برای همه مسیرها تقریبا یکی است. هزینه...

news no.1

news no. 1

Issue: Where are we in Iran’s maritime boycott?

This is a key issue to anticipate what is going on in this regard. As a matter of fact the first step towards Iran’s maritime boycott was taken once EU imposed unilateral sanctions against Iran’s national flag carrier, IRISL by putting a ban on the right of berth of this shipping line alongside European ports. The next step was the boycott of Shahid Rajaee port, Iran’s major container port, by shipping lines, followed by P&I clubs refusing to cover any vessel, whether Iranian flag or other, carrying any oil, gas or petrochemical product of Iran. Consequently many of Iranian trade, be it export or import, had to take the way of Jebel Ali port at extraordinary financial burden to accede to ocean going vessels.

One major pretext to boycott Shahid Rajaee port was its container terminal operator whose name appeared on the sanction list of EU. No such pretext...

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