What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?

Dear Partner ,

 We would like to thank you for the very good cooperation in the past and request you to allocate a short while to reply to below questionnaire which aims at “ Brand Auditing “ . It is to note that the questions are prepared by our Marketing consultants for a special segment of the market “Foreign Accounts – Freight Forwarders, Logistic providers , Carriers“

1.  Global knowledge local know how just good enough knowledge average knowledge
2.  Best advice to customer No advice, no partnership no networking, keeping the information for himself just good enough knowledge something in the middle
3.  Best trained and skillful personnel moderately trained personnel some non skilled personnel
4.  Timely and reliable service average timely almost late
5.  Suitable prices competitive prices high prices Variable prices for each customer
6.  Reliable / Trustable / dependable partner not very much reliable moderately reliable
7.  Quite flexible to customer needs moderately flexible very much rigid and not at all flexible
8.  Well equipped (asset based Co.) good enough support from sub-contractors as far as equipment is concerned not equipped , not supported by sub-contractors
9.  Strong financial background Reasonable financial support limited financial background
10.  Over local industry average just average less than average
If you were to attribute three major attraction points to Shib, which one of these qualifications would you choose ? Please select by order of importance.

1st Order:
2nd Order:
3rd Order:

The first time you passed an order to Shib what was your major incentive to do so? Please select max. two options.
 Good Brand (reputation) Competitive Price Right solution for our need as compared to others Other reason: please shortly specify
After having experienced Shib, what is your new assessment/ perception of Shib?
 My experience was above my initial expectation My experience was almost the same as I expected My experience was below my expectations I had no good experience at all
How do you assess Shib as keeping promises?
 A Co. committed to its words A Co. not committed to its words but sticking to written contract terms A Co. moderately committed to its contracts A Co. who looks for exception clauses to evade from promises
What is your own estimation of Shib no. of staff including all affiliated Cos?
 Between 200 to 500 Between 100 to 200 Between 50 to 100 Less than 50
How did you make acquaintance with Shib at the beginning?
 Other Cos. with previous Shib experience Advertisement in the media Web search Shib contacted us first Others: Please specify

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