What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?

Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development, Training and Publications

Shib is renown to be a knowledge based company. Such reputation attracts increasingly more industries to use our expertise in pinpointing the fault lines and recommending the corrective measures to re-design of their supply chains. Among our clients appear big names in food and beverage industry, steel mills, automotive industry, road transporters, and more….Our role is to create value for our customers. That’s why we are inclined to use” value engineering” technique in our approaches. This technique implies the cooperation of client’s middle managers in the process of fact finding and the result is the client’s motivation to make effective use of our final recommendations.

Re-design of supply chains under strain

While most industries and mines lack an initial location study as regards to transportation capabilities, such industries consequentially suffer from shortage of local transport means both as to inflows and outflows. Cement works and many mines illustrate symptoms of this disease. Ironically a comprehensive research work ordered by then Ministry of Roads and Transportation to draw a road map for Iran’s transportation proved that no. of trucks on the supply side is double of that of demand! Therefore this is the place we intervene by marking the pathology of these supply chains, re-design and their re-construction in a way to boost supply of trucks, hence orient the production to its nominal capacity. We do this assigning our logistics research team under the most prominent logistics research center affiliated to first class state universities while we finance the research work cost from the monetary gains of the project. This is to say that our research has a guarantee of final results.

Savings in supply chain

Shib enjoys a unique engineering and scientific capacity in logistics and supply chain research. To use such in-house capabilities in specific client’s requirements have often led to cost of goods savings. Sometimes small changes in planning and inventory management of the firm or alteration in batch sizes can lead to great cost savings. You may also capitalize on this capability. Our policy is to charge our research cost to client only when our efforts are translated in tangible and monetary returns to client’s economy.

Strategic planning, vocational training and financial management

Optimization of transportation mode and route

It is chronic to see some industries get accustomed to a specific mode of transport or trade lane (path), whereas conditions of trade lanes occasionally change over time. In fact both the trade lanes economics, and the structure of means of transport supply, the ownership issue of the fleet, globalization and general orientation of world economy towards more integration dynamically are in modification. The destiny, pros and cons of a mode or route depends upon its costs, time frame, systematic and unsystematic controls and the red tape carried out by transit countries over the cargo. It happens that one single uniform or international regulation is being implemented in various ways by these countries. The manager of the supply chain is supposed to constantly follow such modifications. Shib has been called upon to study the capabilities of each mode and route and occasionally has come up with creative and superior solutions to its clients.

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