What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?
What matters more than proven results?

Supply Chain management Supply Chain Management of bulk movements in a 3PL 

Integrating various in-house and out-house subsidiaries capabilities under one umbrella Shib is offering to its elite clients in Iron Ore, Bitumen, LPG, Vegetable Oil, Fuel Oil, Naphtha, Gasoil, and other oil by products each and every services from A to Z(sourcing, procurement, through transportation, documentation, fund transfer, to surveillance and acquiring proof of delivery. Savings in time and money is the unavoidable outcome of integration of operation.

Contract logistics of large export flows

Total supply chain management from sourcing and purchasing to delivery at DAT, DAP, final destination. This package is destined at iron ore, bitumen, petrochemical, other mineral, and construction material, etc.

 AutomotiveValue added services in automotive industries:

Pre-delivery and pre-pick up quality inspections

Our trained engineers check over 20 areas of the car according to auto makers own standards such as “Flash Aves” method of Renault-Nissan Group, or “RSINV” method of Peugeot-Citroen Group to make sure the car is being taken in charge or delivered in a perfect status. Application of such methods is essential to pinpoint the location and time of inconsistency in particular when multiple carriers are involved.

Pro-customer approach in delivery of the cars:

Shib interface secures hundred percent the customer interest in sensitive and critical time of interchange between a carrier and an end user.

Extensive experience in finished car logistics:

With over 14000 cars a year transportation

Dedicated double deck car carrier fleet:

Be it domestic transport or international, Shib enjoys access to dedicated quality approved and pre-inspected car carriers to move your cars.

Enjoying GEFCO and many other international automotive players support:

Allows us to play on a world scale, enjoy the intensive experience of such global automotive logistics specialists and use their round the world purpose-built facilities.

Minimize the car defects from single small body scratch to serious wounds:

Use our experience and expertise to minimize the defects usually inflicted to cars during logistics phases to negligible records

Fully guaranteed results:

Based on our expertise we have enough confidence to guarantee the anticipated results

Access to Global RO-RO operators 

Parts-And-ComponentsOur Added Values in Parts and Components Industry:

Customized Solutions on export:

In view of variety and complexity of the car components, Shib designs tailor made solutions for each product, each company, each loading place, and each destination. Our experience shows one size fits only one.

Shib is trying to manage logistics factors in an integrated manner to serve the following supply chain elements:

Global transportation:

Freight planning based on three vital elements: speed, consistency and control

Global Storage bonded(before clearance and after clearance) facilities:

Your cargo can be stored and guarded along transit corridor that might last for days, weeks, even months.

Inventory Management:

Consisting of carrying and sedentary inventories. If a reduction of inventory is needed then more frequent deliveries and smaller batch sizes shall be targeted.

Grouping and Sorting: of parts before the final delivery to assembly line.

Packing and Labeling: We can extend best advice to you to make transportation worthy  and economical packing of your exports based on the support of Europe’s famous top industrial packers.

Document Management: There are three sorts of documents: Transportation, State exigencies and Commercial. Optimum management of documents eases the triangular parties effective, supportive and win-win relationship.

Customs and Excise Management: We help our customers with our experience in customs and duty management

Last Mile JIT delivery: We can arrange and provide just in time delivery of your products to consignee’s house.

Tracking and Tracing(Supply Chain visibility): Traffic management provides customers by information and intelligence in just enough quantities to secure their peace of mind

Valuable Support of worldwide GEFCO Group: whom we represent in Iran. Their respectively huge no. of staff worldwide and round the globe presence is the most valuable asset at the disposal of our clients.

bitumenBitumen supply chain

As of April we are opening a new division on bitumen logistics. This is our new service product where we source, purchase, pack, transport, produce documents, insure, provide international transfer of funds through our own Central Bank approved Exchange House and in one word provide full supply chain management for bitumen in all grades and types.

oreIron Ore and other metal and none metal ores supply chain

Iran hardly achieved to export some 20 million tons of iron ore in the Calendar Iranian year1392 corresponding to 2012/2013, while potential capacities by far exceed the achievements. In fact, in view of logistical failure many mines could but exploit a bit over thirty percent of their nominal extraction capacity. The pathological insider skills leading to ability to re-design the supply chains in an effort to enhance its throughput, own private railroad company, own domestic road haulier, enjoying representation of many bulk carrier owners from handy size to Suez max vessels have made us to capitalize on these physical and social assets to create a comprehensive logistical system of dry bulks by joining these together under one team. Our new dry bulk division hitherto can source, supply, purchase, transport, manage documents, funds and arrange for swift transfer of funds through our own exchange house under Central Bank of Iran license.

Vegetable-OilVegetable Oil Industry feedstock supply chain

From sourcing to purchase of raw vegetable oils in all its varieties, maritime transportation, interim storage in tank farm in Bandar Abbas or Bandar Imam Khomeini, domestic transportation by our own railroad fleet, last mile door delivery to plant’s reservoir by road; is what we offer through single window under one umbrella. We offer inter-city transportation of refined and finished vegetable oil in containers.

lpgLiquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) supply chain

Our Iraqi subsidiary deals with LPG logistics again from sourcing, supply to transport, storage and regional distribution within Middle East and Near East countries by truck, rail and dedicated vessels. The trade in LPG is constantly under growth in Asian continent by 6% per year, well over average world record of 4%. We invite solid based importers and dealers in LPG overseas, in South East Asia, Far East to join us. We can supply up to 25000 tons of LPG each month while in case of bigger demand, we can study the case in cooperation with importers. We can supply LPG of Iran and Iraq origin for the time being.

Fuel-OilFuel Oil, Naphtha, Oil Condensates and other Oil by-products

Our subsidiary in Iraq has a solid backbone of many years of dealing with Oil by products logistics. Relying on such a wealth of experience we can source, supply, purchase, door to door transport, provide documentation, and deliver a wide variety of Iraq made oil by products.

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